The Port Washington Estates Association (PWEA) is a membership corporation in the State of New York, which administers to the community in southwest Port Washington from south of Reid Avenue, north of Luquer Road, east of Mackey and west to Beachway. The corporation and its members are subject to bylaws affecting the governance of the corporation and the beach regulations. Residents of the Estates are subject to the building covenants.

An elected nine member Board of Directors governs the association. Much of the work is done through committees usually headed up by a member of this Board. The committee head will bring the results of actions contemplated or undertaken to the Board for further discussion and resolution. Residents are encouraged to join one of PWEA’s many committees, which include such activities as social, civic affairs and beach maintenance.

The jewel of PWEA is our 2 1/2 acre beach, mooring field and docking facilities on beautiful Manhasset Bay. Beach and mooring rights are often inaccurately touted by real estate agents as a right conferred with the purchase of a home in the Estates. In truth, these rights are limited to those residents who are members of the Association, in good standing. Members may reserve part of the beach for their private functions.

The records and deeds of Port Washington Estates extend back to 1909. Since then, the evolving membership and various Boards of Directors have worked over the years to improve the Estates. PWEA remains today, first and foremost, a group comprised of you and your neighbors banding together to continue that tradition that has given us a wonderful neighborhood and enviable quality of life.

Gavin E Pike

Photo by Gwynne Bloomfield Pike