Beach Regulations

1. USE: of the Beach and water areas are available to all Members in good standing at no additional cost.

  1. The BEACH GUARD is there to ensure that only members in good standing and their guests have access to facilities. The guard is NOT responsible for the safety of those using the Beach, nor their property and is not contracted or allowed to provide amenities (chairs, tables, grills, etc.) to members or their guests.
  2. The BEACH HOUSE is to be used for toilet facilities, emergency first aid and for the storage of Beach equipment. No loitering permitted.
  3. TRASH must be placed in refuse containers. Cans & bottles in the recycling bin or taken home. The following refuse must be taken home with you: food, cut up fish, diapers and any other items that may attract wildlife.
  4. DOGS: Only leashed dogs are allowed on the beach to comply with the Town of North Hempstead Code. Dog walkers must clean up after their dogs and remove any WASTE from PWEA property.
  5. CAMERAS are not monitored in real-time and are not meant to provide security for members, guests or property.
  6. FIRE PITS & open fires are not allowed, nor are fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind.
  7. The beach closes and will be locked at sunset.

2. SWIMMING: Swimming is not allowed, and PWEA does not provide lifeguards or any real-time monitoring of the beach or waterfront. Any water activities by members or their guests are at their own RISK.

  1. The following activities are STRICTLY PROHIBITED & will result in expulsion:
    Dunking, shoving and pushing on the Beach, floats, or in the water. Running, climbing, or diving off the docks or dock house.

3. BOATING: In order to provide all members with timely access to our docks, member’s boats are only allowed to dock for loading and unloading of passengers and supplies.

  1. MAIN DOCK: In no case can a boat stay at the dock for more than 30 minutes, unless special permission is granted. Failure to follow these rules could lead to the loss of docking privileges.
  2. Sunbathers, Please be considerate of boat owners as they have primary use of this float.
  3. The SOUTH FLOAT is for use of dinghies at extra cost (please see the Kayak and Dinghy Dock guidelines section of our website). Improperly stored boats may be removed. Swimming is NOT permitted off this or any float, or within the boundaries of PWEA’s property.
  4. KAYAK & SUNFISH RACK slots are available to members in good standing for a seasonal fee. PWEA is not responsible for any property (kayaks, canoes, boats, floats, boards, paddles, & other equipment) stored on these racks.
  5. Launching of non-member watercraft is not permitted except in connection with regattas as approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. PWEA is not responsible for any property stored within our premises. Members and guests must maintain adequate insurance for any watercraft, to include dinghies on the dock, moored boats, and any other valuable items.

4. CHILDREN: No child under the age of 13 years of age shall be allowed on the Beach unless accompanied by an adult Member in good standing.

  1. Parents will be responsible for the safety and conduct of their children. Throwing of sand, stones or other injurious objects is not allowed under any circumstances.
  2. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult member when on our gangways & docks, and must wear a U.S. coast guard approved life jacket, appropriate for their age.
  3. No one under the age of 21 years shall be allowed on the Beach after twilight unless accompanied by a parent who is a Member.

5. GUESTS & PARTIES: Members in good standing may bring guests to the Beach. Guests’ safety & conduct are the responsibility of the host Member. Guests are not allowed at our facilities unless a member is with them.

  1. Gatherings of 20 people or more require an application, a previously approved date & time, and payment of a fee. There is a sliding scale of fees determined by size. The maximum gathering size is 100.
  2. All such parties shall be supervised by a Member in good standing over the age of 21 years and abide by the rules as stated in the party reservation form. Under no circumstances shall alcoholic beverages be served to anyone under the legal drinking age.
  3. It is the responsibility of the person hosting the party to CLEAN UP after and to remove any and all waste from PWEA property. Failure to clean up may result in fines, loss of rights to reserve future parties, and/or other penalties as determined by the Board.

6. Members agree to MAINTAIN the integrity and boundaries of our beach, dinghy storage racks, docks and mooring field, and follow PWEA’s rules regarding these facilities. Watercraft not moored within our field may not encroach on PWEA property.

7. The PWEA board reserves the right to issue fines, suspend a member’s access to our facilities/property, and/or issue other penalties as determined by the Board if they don’t adhere to the covenants, rules, and policies.

  1. Vandalism or tampering with PWEA safety and security equipment and property (locks, cameras, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc.) is grounds for suspension of membership privileges.
  2. These beach regulations shall be subject to change based upon circumstances and as determined by the PWEA Board. In the event of any such changes, the PWEA community shall be notified by email through our list-serve. It is the responsibility of each Member to provide the Board with a current email address and to take all appropriate steps to ensure that PWEA emails are received by the Member.
  3. PWEA and all Members shall abide by all current ordinances by Federal, State, County, and the Town of North Hempstead governments.

By signing the renewal and payment of membership dues, Members certify that they and the members of their household have read the current rules and covenants of our association and agree to adhere to and follow all of these rules.