Mooring Guidelines & Courtesies


Contact the Mooring Chairperson for details on obtaining a mooring space. It will be necessary to purchase a mooring, the price of which is determined by the weight required for the boat size. There is an annual fee of $200 for servicing the mooring; in addition, there is a required annual tax of $60 payable to the Town of North Hempstead and a float usage fee (for our dock) of $2 per linear foot.


The weekend is our busiest time on our floating dock. For that reason, we ask you to use the

large dock primarily to load & unload passengers and materials.


One concept that helps all the users of our mooring field and docking facilities is looking out forthe other boats and boaters. In observing other boats consider the following:

Should you observe any of these conditions, notify the owner listed on the boat registry which PWEA will distribute at the beginning of the boating season. Should you receive such a notification, thank your fellow boater for taking the time and interest to advise you. For those of us with boats in our mooring field, we can help ourselves and our fellow boaters by keeping an eye on the field and being especially watchful especially during the hours of darkness and alerting fellow boaters should we observe the following activities:


If you observe what you suspect is illegal activity or suspicious boaters in our mooring field or that of the Port Yacht Club, call the following:

Town Bay Constables at 767-4622

Their quarters on the Town dock are manned from 8 a.m. to midnight and if they feel it’s warranted, the constables will notify the Nassau County Police Marine Bureau.

If the activity is taking place on a PWEA vessel contact the owner. If a Port Yacht Club boat is involved, call their dock house at 767-9749 which is manned from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday and 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday to Saturday.


If you observe conduct in the mooring field that you feel is clearly criminal, call the Nassau Marine Unit directly at 516-543-4450. Follow up this call with a call to the constables and state you’ve contacted the County police. If the activity has taken place on a PWEA vessel, call the owner and advise him of the action taken. You should also notify the Mooring Chairperson so this information can be disseminated to all our members.


In making notifications to the authorities try to give them:

Note: The Port Police Department normally neither patrols nor investigates criminal activity on the bay. If you observe suspicious activity which either is occurring or may be occurring on our beach or neighboring beaches, call the Port Police Department directly at 911.

Jeff Oring
Mooring Chairperson
516-639-1329 or