Building Permits

Building permits in our community require the approval of both the Town of North Hempstead and the Port Washington Estates Association. Residents should be aware that, in addition to major alterations, a permit is required for things like above/below ground swimming pools, heating tanks/units, TV discs, fences and lawn sprinkling systems. To certify that plumbers and electricians are licensed to work in North Hempstead, you may contact the Building Department at 869-7806. In addition to levying fines, the town has a policy of tripling permit fees for those who apply for a permit after the work has been done. For further information on Town requirements, you can call869-7813 or call  up the Town website at

The Covenants of the Port Washington Estates Association also regulate building construction activity in our community. As with the Town, residents are required to notify the Association prior to construction by completing a permit application. Within one week after receiving the permit application from a resident, the Building Chairperson or his/her designee will conduct a physical inspection, review the plans and make a decision to approve the permit, approve with changes or deny the permit. The permit is reviewed by the Building Chairperson or his/her designee and the resident notified of a decision within two weeks. PWEA has enforcement powers to support our building codes which include injunctions halting construction and the ability to recover all litigation costs incurred. In some cases, the full PWEA Board of Directors may be required to pass an application and this may require an extension to the above mentioned time frame.

NOTE: There are eight homes on Huntington Road in the Port Washington Heights Historic District, an organization designated in 1994 by  omeowners to preserve properties. The Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission in the Town of North Hempstead also requires approval for all building changes for the following eight homes:

Section 5, Block 60, Lots: 33, 36, 324, 325

Section 5, Block 61, Lots: 45, 47, 144, 267

To facilitate the permitting process, a copy of our permit is enclosed. For further information on building requirements in the Estates, contact the chairman of the Building Committee. 


1. All residents of Port Washington Estates must contact the Building Committee prior to any construction activity needing approval by PWEA as referenced in the Covenants. NOTE: Before starting construction, you are required to complete the top portion of the PWEA BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION, as referenced in this material. Please email your application to Jeffrey Oring at

2. Within two weeks (14 days) of being made aware of any construction activity requiring approval by PWEA, the Building Committee Chairperson will physically inspect the intended construction site and complete the second half of the PWEA BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION as referenced in this material. Access allowing a physical inspection and a copy of the plans (attached floor plans and elevations, including a site plan showing distances of new construction to all property boundaries) are required at this time.

3. Within two weeks (14 days) of the physical inspection, the Building Committee will review both the inspection notes and the plan and submit their decision to the resident on the PWEA BUILDING PERMIT DECISION, as referenced in this material, by mail. Should plans change subsequent to approval, new plans must be submitted for review.

4. Should any resident not choose to comply with the above procedures, the Building or Legal Committee may seek an injunction halting construction until such time as theconstruction has received such approval. PWEA will further seek to recover any and all costs incurred in the defense of its covenants and pursuit of its rights from the nonconforming party.